Decoding Stripes, Prints, Cuts and Colour

Hello ladies! This one’s a special edition. I’ve tried to compile a list of tips and tricks on how to dress to enhance your best features. Take a look!

Vertical stripes


Narrow vertical stripes that are closely spaced, create the illusion of a slimmer structure.

Horizontal stripes


Wide horizontal stripes, emphasize or create the illusion of a larger body structure.

Large prints vs Small prints


Large bold prints are great if you want to look fuller. These prints draw attention to the eye and create the illusion of a bigger body structure. On the other hand, try smaller prints if you want to avoid the widening effect of larger prints.

Colour blocking


Colour blocking when done in horizontal blocks, will create the illusion of a shorter body frame.

One colour tone

fashion blog for professional women new york city street style work wear

Wearing the same tone on tone top and maxi skirt, or a one colour dress, will create the illusion of a taller body structure.

Adding a belt


Adding a belt to a boxy shirt dress, helps in cinching the waist and accentuating your waistline for a ‘fitted- silhouette’ look.



Peplum is a great way to get your desired waistline because this silhouette gives you the illusion of a slimmer waist.

V necks vs Turtle necks vs Boat neck

V-neck-T-shirt-for-Womens-4  ralph-lauren-blue-label-newport-navy-turtleneck-sweater-product-2-7954297-226558747 boat-neck-featured-1

V neck t-shirts are great for bustier ladies as it gives the illusion of a smaller chest. Turtle necks are more suited to women with longer necks and boat neck t-shirts are flattering on women with shorter necks.

Darker colours vs Pastels

e4d735b498d2a7a5ae01805bb23d7187  mint-midi-dress-white-leather-pumps-large-10863

Darker colours such as black, navy blue or purple are better suited during the evening as compared to pastel shades such as powder blue, baby pink or mint green, which are primarily day colours. Light coloured clothing reflects heat and light, and keeps you cooler during the day.

Hope you ladies find these tips useful! Always remember to love the skin you’re in! Be proud of your body, the way it is. It doesn’t matter if you’re thin or curvy, tall or short, athletic or voluptuous, as long as you’re healthy. A healthy body is all you need. 

If a little fashion, some styles and drapes can make you feel and look good, it’s always a great idea, isn’t it?


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