In flight essentials: What to keep handy on your long haul flight

Hello ladies! Today’s post is about the essentials to keep handy during a long haul flight. Bon voyage!


Hand cream

To keep your hands moisturised during the flight.

Wake me up face spray

Use a toner as a face spray. Long haul flights can sap moisture from the face and a moisturiser may not be a good idea for everyone. So, keep a toner handy.

Travel size perfume

To smell like a dream, when you land at your destination. Well actually, don’t we all hate how strange airplanes smell!

Travel friendly blankie and travel pillow/neck cushion

To enjoy a comfortable nap, keep a travel blankie handy to avoid using the unhygienic blankets that your airline has to offer. A travel pillow/neck cushion is optional but if you tend to use your co-passenger’s shoulder as a head rest, you’d want to consider investing in a good travel pillow, unless your co-passenger is a) your crush b) your favourite actor c) anyone whose shoulder you don’t mind resting your head on!

Fruit Candies

I don’t know if you guys have tried this before, but try popping in a fruit candy when your ears get blocked during the flight. This trick works like magic (PS: I’m talking of the hard boiled sugar candies).


Well, because you won’t be able to doze off for the entire duration of your flight. So, it’s better to carry your own headphones, instead of using the in-flight earphones, where you can barely hear a thing.

Hand sanitizer

A necessity to get through life.

Wet wipes and face tissues

To wipe your hands, face or any spills.

Lip Balm

To keep your lips hydrated during the flight.

Mint/ Gum

For fresh breath, duh.

Small notepad and pen

Where else would you find time to think about your life and what you want to do! So, it’s a good idea to write down some of it, I think 😉

Hair brush/Comb

Just to make sure your beautiful tresses are in place.


This is optional but I always make it a point to carry some flight sickness pills and asprin. But, please make sure to check with your airline, as they may have some rules about carrying tablets, such as a doctor’s prescription.

What do you think about my rather long list ladies? Did I miss out on anything?


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