Winter Wonderland

Hello ladies, it’s been ages since my last post but I’m going to be regular with my posts now.

Here’s wishing you a great start to a brand new year! Let’s start with a winter beauty regime for the winters

1. Mild face wash

The winters are really harsh on your skin. To keep your face hydrated and nourished during this season, use a mild clarifying foam face wash.

2. Sheet masks

Once you’re face is cleansed, pat dry and use a toner. Now is the time for a moisture-locking sheet mask. Try a face mask suited to your skin type from Korean brands innisfree or the face shop. A face mask ritual on the weekends keeps your skin in best condition.

3. Night serum

Another great way to prep your skin for the colder months is to apply a night serum to your face, just before going to bed. This will help rejuvenate your skin, while you enjoy your beauty sleep.

4. Lip care

To avoid dry, flaky and chapped lips, don’t forget to always keep your lips moisturised. Use a lip balm during the day and a nourishing lip mask during the night.

5. Body butter

With all that attention to your face, make sure that you don’t neglect the dry skin on your arms and legs. Use a Shea butter or macadamia oil body butter after your morning shower, and you’re good to go for the entire day.

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