Day to Night: Go from casual to dressy with a dash of bling

Hello there, lovely ladies! I’m sure you all have had those days where you had to unexpectedly go to a dinner date or a party straight from work or from a casual day out shopping and although you’re not complaining at the turn of events, but you’re a bit confused about how to dress up the otherwise boring clothes you’re wearing.

Well, you’ll be surprised at what a dash of bling can do to your outfit! Here’s a few ways for you to add a glam quotient to an otherwise not-so-glam outfit.

Embellished kimono

An embellished kimono can do wonders to your overall look. Throw on this bling       piece over your shirt and trousers, to go from drab to fab in a jiffy.

Light cream embellished longline kimono  kimono1


Bling choker

A chunky embellished choker can upgrade your look from casual to dressy in an instant. It’s so convenient to carry around in your handbag to dress up your outfit for sudden dinner plans.

Pink satin embellished choker  choker2

Sequinned Scarf

This is one accessory you can’t go wrong with. A sequinned shimmery black scarf can add the right amount of glamour to your outfit, without making you look out of place for your unexpected party.

5  5ii


Dressy clutch bag

An embellished clutch bag in a pastel shade can add oomph to your look. Ditch the conventional black or golden clutch for a more sophisticated powder blue or pale pink with some chunky embellishments and silver hardware.


Cinderella’s Heels

A good pair of party heels can make all your disney dreams come true. It’s always wise to be prepared for an invite to prom or a charity ball. PS: What if Prince Charming is right around the corner, eh?


So, that was my list of go-to items for day to night transformations. Would love to hear what you guys think.

One thought on “Day to Night: Go from casual to dressy with a dash of bling

  1. I would never wear a choker (I feel like chokers are overrated;)) but the scarf and the clutch bag are definitely a must! I have never worn a sequinned scarf, but will try it soon.

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