Denim Diaries: Summer Edit

Hello ladies! Now that summer is here, and it’s time to flaunt those denims, let’s take a look at 5 ways you can incorporate denim in your wardrobe to sail through the summer months.

Denim Jacket

jacket jacket 2

This one’s a staple for summer. Throw it over a maxi dress, a plain white shirt or a tank top, and it’ll instantly add a cool vibe to your outfit.

Denim Dress


A denim smock dress is the perfect outfit for a day out shopping or a relaxed catch up at the café or even for a stroll around town. Wear this with you favourite pair of sneakers or glam it up by wearing nude heels.

Denim Skirt


This one’s a must-have. A denim skirt paired with a white t-shirt spells summer in every way. It’s comfortable, chic and sporty. Put on a pair of wedges or sneakers, and you’re ready!

Denim Dungarees

dungarees dungarees 2

What’s the best way to beat those summer blues? Well, just throw on some denim dungarees over a basic t-shirt and sneakers and you’re ready to rule the world! Basic, comfortable and classic, this look will always be a summer staple.

Ripped Jeans


Effortlessly stylish, ripped jeans are a summer upgrade to the basic jeans. Make sure you’re comfortable with how they look on you. Experiment with the type of wash, the extent of distress on the jeans and the fit, before buying your pair.


So, that’s my go-to list for denims this summer. Would love to know what you think!

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