Different ways to use your favourite beauty products

Hello lovelies! Have you ever used your favourite beauty products in more than one way? Well, try out these tips and tricks, when you run out of your usual products or when in a hurry.


1. Vaseline

This miracle product can be used in so many different ways. It can be used as a lip balm, as a body lotion and even as hair wax and eyebrow wax for setting flyaways. Vaseline can also be used as a hand and cuticle cream as well as a foot cream. So many ways to use the humble petroleum jelly!


2. Lip crayon

A lip crayon can also be used as a cream eye shadow and a blush, once in a while if you’re out of products or if you’re running late. But, please make sure your skin isn’t sensitive, to avoid any irritation or skin reactions. Also, you should ideally pick a peach or rust shade of matte lip crayon, so that when you use it as eye shadow and blush, it looks natural and not garish.



3. Concealer stick

A concealer stick can also be used as a foundation, if you’re looking for light coverage and can’t find your favourite foundation in time. Gently dab your concealer stick over your face and blend into the skin, using a little bit of tinted moisturiser. Then use the same concealer stick to go over any discolouration or spots to cover them up, as you would normally use a concealer for.



4. Mascara

In addition to making your lashes look luscious and beautiful, the mascara wand can be used as an eyebrow tool. Just wipe off the excess product on the wand, and go over your eyebrows, to keep them in place.



Hope you will try these tricks! Would love to hear how you ladies use your favourite beauty products in unusual ways 🙂



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