Hair care during Winters

Hello ladies! As promised, here’s another post on winter care.

This time, let’s talk about hair!

1. Shampoo and hair mask

Shampoo your hair at least once in 4-5 days and apply a hair mask for added nourishment. It’s important to not use hot water to wash your hair, lukewarm water should be ok but anything warmer shouldn’t be used to wash your hair.

2. Oil massage

It’s always beneficial to massage your scalp with warm oil and run your fingers through the ends of the hair. Try a diy of coconut oil, castor oil and rosemary oil to apply to your hair. This mixture helps in nourishing and keeping your locks healthy. Let the oil stay in your hair for at least half an hour before rinsing it out.

3. Heat protectant

Don’t we all love to use styling tools on freshly washed hair! Be it a straightening iron or a curling wand, always make it a point to spritz some heat protectant all through the lengths of the hair before using hair styling tools.

4. Hair serum

Once you are done styling your hair, don’t forget to use a pump or two of hair serum. A hair serum adds strength and shine to your mane and also locks in moisture. Never miss this step in your haircare.

5. Dry shampoo

It’s alright to use dry shampoo once in a week but anything more than that is an alarm and should be avoided to keep your hair healthy.

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