Skincare: Tips and tricks for beautiful skin (Face edition)


Hello ladies! I’ve always preferred spending on skincare rather than on makeup. Isn’t it better to heal dull and tired skin, instead of putting on layers of makeup to make the skin look better?

Although it may take a long time for your skin to heal and look radiant, it’s worth the effort. So, if you haven’t invested in skincare or if you don’t follow a good skincare regime each day, now’s the time to start.

Here are a few basic tips for good skin:

1. Know your skin: The first step is to know your skin type. Is your skin very dry, dry, oily or combination (dry skin with an oily T zone)? Once you are sure of your skin type, it’s quite easy to buy skincare products accordingly.

2. Problem areas: If you have sensitive skin prone to redness, try using hypoallergenic products. If you suffer from acne, make sure to buy stuff that’s meant for acne prone skin. Keep a note of your concerns and buy products that suit your need.

4. Don’t experiment: It’s best not to experiment too much with skincare products. Once you’ve chosen a product according to your skin type and concern, give the product enough time to work it’s magic. You can’t expect miracles in a few uses!

5. Skincare regime: Stock up on the following products to start with a basic daily skincare regime:

Daily Skincare 

  1. Cleanser/Mild face wash to rinse off all the impurities from your face.
  2. Toner to restore the pH balance of the skin after cleansing.
  3. Face serum to add a layer of moisture and goodness of antioxidants, which is absorbed deep into the skin.
  4. Eye cream to moisturise and hydrate the under eye area.
  5. Moisturiser/Day cream to keep the face hydrated all day long and to avoid any dry patches.
  6. Sunscreen to prevent the harmful effects of exposure to UVA/UVB rays, irrespective of whether you go out in the sun or stay indoors.
  7. Night cream to replenish the skin while you are asleep. Be sure to remove makeup, cleanse and dry your face, before applying night cream.

Weekend additions 

  1. Face pack/Exfoliating face scrub: It’s a good idea to exfoliate your face with a gentle exfoliating scrub once a week, to get rid off dead skin. You can also use a face pack to pamper your skin during weekends.
  2. Sheet mask: Nowadays, there are a huge variety of sheet masks available for the face. Pick one that meets your needs, either an antioxidant one or a calming one or any other sheet mask that you want to try out.


Hope this helps! Would love to hear from you about anything I missed out on!

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