Handbag Essentials – 10 things you can’t do without!

Hello lovelies! Here is a list of 10 goodies you must have in your handbag, and you’re good to go!


1. Hand sanitizer

This is number one on my list. A hand sanitizer is a must because when you’re on the go, you touch knobs, door handles, buttons on elevators, and so many other bacteria breeding spots. It’s always necessary to sanitize your hands to keep all those horrible diseases at bay.

2. Pack of tissues

You need tissues to wipe the ketchup off your face, or to wipe a spill or to even wipe your phone screen when it gets greasy. Tissues come to your rescue when it’s hot and humid outside, or when you sneeze or even when you decide to reapply your lipstick or mascara.

3. Travel-size perfume

Yes! Not deodorant but perfume. Perfumes smell good and stay put for a long time. Spray it whenever you need to. Buy a travel size of your favourite Ellie Saab or Narciso Rodriguez .

4. Hair brush/Comb

Just to keep your hair in place, whether it’s in a pony or a bun or a pouf…your hair does need a few touch-ups throughout the day. Don’t forget a couple of hair ties and bobby pins too.

5. Hand cream

No one likes dry, flaky hands…but using sanitizers and soap can make your hands look and feel a bit dry…so go on and get a good hand cream.

6. Mobile charger/earphones

We have all been in a situation when our phone battery is about to die and no one around has a spare charger. A mobile charger comes in handy for such situations. Earphones, well not as much a necessity but hey, what if you want to enjoy your favourite song in the library or at your work desk (don’t blame me for this! haha).

7. Mint and chewing gum

No one wants to smell of bad breath…keep a box of mint or spearmint gum in your handbag to avoid embarrassing situations. Pop some mint after lunch…it’s quite refreshing!

8. Store Cards

I’m sure you ladies will not leave behind your wallet….cash, debit and credit cards. But, what you may forget to carry are store loyalty cards/membership cards, discount/gift cards…it isn’t a happy situation when you’re at your favourite restaurant or beauty store and you don’t have the loyalty card…boo!!

9. Medicine

Well, this one depends on you, actually. I always carry a few tablets for headache, body ache, cold or allergies in my bag. Just to be safe and to avoid rushing to a pharmacy if you fall sick!

10. Lipstick

Your handbag should always have the lipstick shade that you’re wearing on a particular day to re-apply after food or drink. Be sure to also pack in an everyday shade, which should always be in your bag…so that it can come in handy, when you are forgetful.

Agree with my list of handbag essentials? What are you handbag angels?

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