DIY Series: Revamp your heels

Don’t we all have those shoes that are in perfect condition but we’re bored of wearing them over and over again? Revamping your shoes is a great way to wear the same old shoes but in a cool new avatar. So, add a pop of colour, a badge or sticker, some glitter, sequins or a bit of fabric to jazz up your old shoes. These DIYs will give your shoes a perfect turnaround.

A pop of colour

Paint the heels or the front of the shoe, to add a pop of colour, without going overboard. Turn a boring black shoe into party ready shoes by painting the heels or the front in a sparkly rose gold, silver or fun neon colours. For best results, mix acrylic paint with textile paint to add durability to the colour. Clean your old shoes, pick your favourite colour and apply it evenly. Wait for the paint to dry and apply multiple coats to finish.

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A dash of bling

Find your old pumps too plain and boring? Get hold of some powder glitter, fabric glue, cello tape and spray glue. Glitter usually looks good on the heel or the pointed front part of the shoe. Clean your shoes well and stick clear cello tape around the area where you want to put the glitter. Now take a brush and generously apply fabric glue, then sprinkle a chunk of glitter over it. Dust off the excess glitter and press gently with your fingers to let it set properly. Next apply spray glue and immediately sprinkle another layer of glitter, as spray glue dries up quickly. Repeat this process one more time to give it a cleaner look. Let it dry in the sun for three hours.

You can try the glitter trick to completely transform your boring winter boots into show stoppers.








Bows, buttons and zips and sequins

Add a pretty velvet or lace bow or rosette to your pastel pumps to give them a pretty makeover. You can also stick on fancy buttons instead. Use fabric glue to stick them on the shoe. Let this dry for a few hours. If you’re tired of wearing your old black boots, add some golden or silver metal zippers or studs to make the boots look edgy and stylish. You can add a bit of glamour to boring nude or black heels by sticking on some dainty rhinestones along the front of the shoe or a small dressy ribbon at the centre for an effortlessly chic look.

glitter-n-glue-sole-socielty-sequin-cap-toe-diyheel 12i









Stick on broaches

The easiest way to glam up your plain heels is to clip a broach to the centre of the front part of your shoe. This adds some sparkle to an otherwise dull pair. The fun part about sticking on broaches is that because this isn’t a permanent makeover to your shoe, you can experiment with different accessories, according to the occasion.









Funky Quotient

Transform your shoes and make them look funky by sticking on a collage of your favourite song lyrics or words from your favourite book, or even illustrations from a comic strip. You can add a ballerina touch to your usual work heels by adding a velvet ribbon tie up. Personalizing your shoes in a fun, quirky way is sure to make you stand out in a crowd.

heel 14heel 5









I’d love to hear your feedback on these fun ideas to quirk up your boring shoes!

Picture Credits: All pictures in this write up have been taken from DIY shoe tutorials on the net.

12 thoughts on “DIY Series: Revamp your heels

  1. Love this blog!! I am always scuffing my heals and have some shoes I love that I can’t wear any longer, but after reading this i am going to try the “pop of color” to revamp them.

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  2. I’ve always been skeptical about DIY projects on my shoes haha. I feel like I’ll ruin them but these are some really great ideas! I just might get around to it now 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Super! considering I wear a size which has limited variety, glam-ing up simple/ plain footwear with rhinestones and broaches seems like an awesome idea!
    Time for diy! 🙂

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