Desi Twist: Back to our roots

Hello lovelies! Today our great nation turns 70, happy independence day to you all!

Here’s my take on how to add a desi twist to your outfit and keep alive our rich traditions.


I’m sure we all love bindis. Be it the traditional round bindis, the crystal ones, or the fancy designer bindis, this beautiful piece of art (as I’d like to call it) adds a traditional touch to your outfit. Wear a neon coloured bindi with a crop top and maxi skirt to add a dash of tradition to your already cool outfit.

2 1

Please don’t confuse bangles with bracelets. I’m talking about the traditional chuddis in bright colours, which can add so much bling to a dull outfit and make you stand out in a crowd. You can wear a pastel tunic dress with a bunch of bright chuddis in a contrasting colour, to make heads turn.

7 8
Nose Ring

We have such a huge variety of nose rings, from the delicate stud nose ring to the Rajasthani nathni, the Maharashtrian nath and many more styles. A nose ring is a great accessory to add an ethnic character to an otherwise modern outfit. Try wearing a nose ring in a style of your choice with any modern outfit and see how beautiful it makes you look.

3  4

Ok, so this is the coolest desi accessory we have. Wear payal with a dressy top and cigarette pants or even with a skater dress and flats. The payal will add the right amount of bling and fun to your outfit.

5 6
Maang tika

It takes a bit of confidence to rock this look, but once you’re there, there’s no looking back! Style a traditional kundan maang tika as a cool headband or hair accessory and add a dash of glamour and indianness to your look.

10  12

Hope you ladies will try out a few of these tricks to add some desi twist to your outfits. Let me know which one is your favourite and if you have any other suggestions 🙂

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