Summer Favourites

Hello lovelies! So, now that summer’s almost here….let me tell you about some of my favourite products that will help you sail through the summer season..

MAC Please Me lipstick

MAC Please Me lipstick

This pretty bubble gum pink shade looks gorgeous on the lips. Being a matte finish MAC lipstick, it’s a delight to work with…it glides onto the lips, giving them a pop of colour and making them look pretty, without being over the top or looking neon. This shade of pink looks good with any kind of makeup – smokey eye, natural eye makeup or even no makeup at all. This is the colour that can transition from day to night effortlessly. The perfect everyday shade you say? I say absolutely!

INGLOT  401 lipstick

INGLOT 401 matte lipstick

This coral peachy orange shade screams ‘summer’. This gorgeous colour reminds me of the sunset on the beach. Although it’s a fabulous shade of coral, this matte lipstick from inglot is a bit hard to work with – it’s hard to apply, is very matte, perhaps streaky and will probably settle into the cracks on your lips. So, be sure to exfoliate your lips and moisturise them well with lip balm or petroleum jelly a good few hours before you plan to apply this lipstick.  You say, why the fuss? I say it’s worth the effort, the colour is fabulous…I have never come across such a pretty orange shade!

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Benefit They're Real Mascara

Ok, so I know summers are hot and sultry…and none of us wants to put on elaborate eye makeup and that too in the day…but if there is one thing that instantly lights up your eyes, and makes your lashes look fluttery and voluminous…it has to be a good lengthening and volumizing mascara. And for mascara, look no further…my search ends at Benefit’s iconic They’re Real mascara…this one’s surely worth the price tag! Be sure not to apply too much product though…two swipes are more than enough.

Neutrogena Sunscreen

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock

The most essential product which will help us sail through summer without tanning or burning the skin is definitely a good sunscreen which has a high SPF and which protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays. Some of you may avoid sunscreens because they make you sweat or feel cakey on the skin or even break you out but Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Sunblock with SPF 50+ is the perfect light non greasy high SPF sunscreen, which looks after your skin and protects it from the sun.

The Body Shop Olive Body Butter

The Body Shop Olive Body Butter

Who doesn’t love nourished, fragrant and happy skin? We all do…but none of us wants to splatter greasy body lotion in the summer….The Body Shop has a huge range of body butters that cater to different seasons and different skin types. My all-time favourite summer fresh scent is the olive body butter…it smells of green olives, summer breeze and happy gardens…all rolled into a tub of goodness for your skin. The fragrance is subtle not overpowering and the texture is light and non-greasy. This body butter nourishes and rejuvenates the skin while leaving behind a summery fragrance.

So, my super long post about summer must-haves comes to an end. Hope all you ladies get your hands on these amazing products!

Any suggestions on products or opinions that differ to mine? Please comment below…would love to read your feedback!

14 thoughts on “Summer Favourites

  1. That’s a wonderful article. Absolutely love the lip colors.. Please include something for the eyes too !! Can’t wait to read more.. xx 😘😊


  2. Great compilation and an interesting read 🙂 it would be nice to have ready links for sourcing these products online..


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