Bouncy Hair (no heat)

We all wish for luscious, voluminous and bouncy hair, without the damaging effects of chemicals and heat. Too much heat and an overdose of chemicals can weaken and dry out the hair, which leads to hair breakage and prevents healthy hair growth. So, here’s how to get voluminous hair without using straighteners, curling irons, dry shampoo or styling sprays.

Flip your part

The easiest way to create volume is to switch your parting to the side you would not normally do. If you usually part your hair in the centre, a deep part to either side will instantly add bounce to your hair and make your hair look voluminous.

1 hair.png







Colour and Cut

Getting your hair cut in layers adds extra volume. A simple trim can help tackle hair problems like split-ends, while adding some bounce. Colour your hair in a medium hue as very light or ultra-dark hair colours trick us into seeing less hair as we notice the scalp. Try choosing a medium brown, which will make hair look denser without drawing attention to the scalp.

hair 5

Beer and Egg

Beer has properties that thicken the hair and give the appearance of fullness. It also contains proteins which give strength and shine to the hair. An egg and beer mask can do wonders. Take an egg and blend the yolk with 50 ml of beer. Apply this mixture to damp hair and cover your head with a shower cap for half an hour. Rinse thoroughly and use your regular shampoo to cleanse.



6 hair

Use a vent brush

After washing your hair and drying them completely, face downwards and brush your hair from nape to crown and from both sides using a vent brush, to create instant volume.

hair 2.jpg






Talcum Powder

You can add bounce to your hair by sprinkling some talcum powder on your palms and then wear gloves and run through your hair.

3 hair



A little backcombing can give the appearance of fuller hair. Use a good backcombing brush and don’t be too harsh on the hair.








Beauty Sleep

After washing your hair, tie them into a bun before going to bed. When you wake up the next morning, your hair will look more voluminous.

hair 4

Would love to read some tips and tricks for voluminous hair from all you lovely ladies too!

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