Types of bags you must own

Hello ladies! Have you ever thought of all the different styles of bags available? Each type of bag has an identity of its own. Each bag is based on a specific need. If you own at least one bag in each of these styles, you’re sorted! Let’s take a look at my must haves.

1. The Sling

This is the bag you would pretty much carry everywhere. To the movies, to a café, to run errands, in short, anywhere. Sling bags can be worn over the shoulder or cross body and they’re the perfect size to fit in all the essentials.


2. The Tote

This bag is a life saviour when you’re out shopping. You can stuff so much into it and it’s not much of a hassle to carry this bag around the mall. Invest in a sturdy tote bag. Opt for pastel shades, rather than the boring blacks or tans.


3. The Laptop Bag

We all have to carry our laptops on flights and long journeys. So, instead of carrying those standard boring laptop bags, it’s a good idea to invest in a more sophisticated looking laptop bag that has loads of compartments inside.


4. The Pochette (or let’s just say the luxe bag)

This is the bag you’d want to show off at fancy dinners or when you go out to posh clubs. This is the one bag where you can invest in designer labels. They are big enough to hold your phone and wallet, and small enough for you to hold onto throughout the evening.


5. The Clutch

The clutch is a must for all the shaadis and other functions we have to attend. Pick a sparkly one to go with all your glam indian outfits.


6. The Wallet

It’s always good to invest in a nice wallet with a lot of compartments to keep all your cash, cards, IDs, keys and receipts in. If you like flaunting brands, get a wallet from your favourite luxury brand. If you don’t care about brands, look for a wallet which can hold all the important stuff.

wallet ii


7. The Backpack

This is a blessing for travellers. The backpack is convenient to carry around your holiday destination. You can keep your maps, bottle of water, camera, little snacks, wallet and sunglasses. And because you can wear your backpack on both shoulders, it’s quite easy to handle.


So, that was my list of must-have bag styles. Would love to hear what you think about these bags. Does your list differ from mine? Did I miss out on any style that needs to be added to this list?


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