Pout Ready

You won’t believe how a pop of colour on your lips can brighten up your face and cheer you up instantly! If there’s one make up product that spells happiness, it’s got to be the good old lipstick!


Lip Products

With your favourite makeup stores and websites filled with a million lip products, let’s take a look at the different types of lip products you can choose from, for that perfect pout!

  • Lipstick: Matte or glossy, a lipstick is the perfect lip product, which has stood the test of time. There are zillions of shades and finishes to choose from.

           My pick: The best lipsticks are from MAC and Bobbi Brown

  •  Lip gloss: This is the perfect lip product for beginners, or for someone who wants to opt for a simple dewy look on the lips. Perfect for the day and looks great with a smokey eye.

           My pick: Try the lip glosses from L’Oreal and Colorbar

  •  Liquid Lipstick: These come with a wand for perfect application and are generally transfer proof and last for a good few hours. There are so many different finishes to choose from.

            My pick: NYX has some of the best liquid lipsticks. Chambor does good ones too!

  • Lip crayon: These are fun crayons for the lips. They come in cute packaging and some crayons need to be sharpened. They are somewhere in between a lip liner and a matte lipstick.

            My pick: Try the lip crayons from Maybelline lip gradation range

  • Lip stain: These lend a subtle pop of colour to the lips, rosy lips ayone?

           My pick: Benefit’s Benetint is a favourite

  • Tinted lip balm: These moisturise your lips and add a hint of colour too. Great for the day!

           My pick: Clinique Chubby sticks

Now let’s take a look at some tips and tricks.

Lipstick Application and Tricks

  1. Prep your lips by dabbing on just a little bit of powder foundation.
  2. First define and then fill in your lips with a lip liner. Make sure that the lip liner is in a shade similar to the lipstick.
  3. Put on your lipstick either directly from the bullet or by using an angled lip brush, and blend it in well.
  4. Once you’ve applied the lipstick, wait for a minute for the colour to set in and then blot your lips with a tissue.
  5. Dab some lipstick again for a matte look or apply some lip gloss, to add a bit of glamour.

‘Prevention is always better than cure’. Why not follow these simple steps for luscious lips all year round!

Lip Care

  • Always remember to take off your lipstick before going to bed.
  • Once that’s done, dab a bit of Vaseline on clean dry lips. Vaseline will help keep your lips nourished during your beauty sleep.
  • Use a moisturising lip balm with SPF during the day.
  • Exfoliate your lips every week by using a gentle exfoliating lip scrub.
  • If you don’t have a lip scrub, try a DIY lip scrub with sugar and lemon. Add one and half cups of sugar, half cup of extra virgin olive oil and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in a bowl and mix well. Tah-dah your lip scrub is ready!

I hope these tips and tricks come in handy for all you lovely ladies. I’d love to hear your tips on how to get the perfect pout this summer!

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13 thoughts on “Pout Ready

    1. Yet another post that I loved reading. Will try the lip scrub for sure , natural and sounds like fun! 🙂 Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post, kisses 😘

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  1. Useful tips ! Glad that people can now know the differences between lipstick, lipgloss, crayons and stains. Have seen so many people who are confused by that:)

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  2. Good read. Will definitely watch out for the products you mentioned but I am yet to use. It would be nice to see some swatches and the product pictures of your fav picks. I would also add fresh sugar lip treatment to the list.. 🙂

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